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wmellulahw's Journal

8 May
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Two years ago I attempted to join livejournal but my lack of enthusiasm to write anything caused that little venture to wither and die in the back of a cupboard.

However as soon as I became a 'respectable' member of the adult community I felt that it was time to start a fresh. A new account, a new beggining and a new life after 18 years of public education will hopefully allow me to find a way of writing things in a less cheesy manner. Theater students eat your heart out.

In the personality section I like to think of myself as witty however I'll let you be the judge. On the down side I can be one hell of a lazy motherfucker, waking up at 3pm is how I roll. Quite often litterally when someone is trying to drag me out of my bed and down the stairs.

I amuse myself with various activities, such staring at a computer for hours on end with the sole purpose of seeing what my mother told me was true. 'You'll get square eyes!' Funny, my screen is rectangular. I have a liking for anime and manga, mostly series with a serious tone or edge to them. Purely fanservice, moe or 'lol I touched her boobies' anime are not my cup of tea. I play a fair few games being the owner of a PS2, 360, DS and the dreaded Wii. My favourites at the moment are Fable 2 and Dantes Inferno. Fable 2 gives you that 'God' feeling that one might get from playing Sims and Dantes Inferno is just deliciously evil and grotesque.

Now if anyone has bothered to read this; good on you.
For everyone else;
TLDR: Generic profile page.