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Poor Shou, he can't even make a sandwich without Ed freaking out.

Though Ed's right...steak and skittles? Really?
No masterpiece, perspective is funky and the background is something only Kubo could admire. Just a little fun.
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Yay! Crack.

I was given a prompt of 'Inami trying to hold Ed's automail hand but breaking it'. Not a huge Working!! fan but I really liked the idea and volunteered to draw it.

I have also completed a far crazier request which I'll post later.

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Expo again.

Now that I have had a chance to recover from the lack of sleep I am able to write a little bit about the London Expo.

Hell yeah.


Costumes were great, the masquerade was great, the people were great, the look on the normalers expressions were great.
Unfortunately I did not have the money to cosplay this year so I'll be starting on my cosplay for October soon. I'll hopefully be cosplaying a very well known character but in a way I haven't seen done before, I'll just have to work on getting my body in shape as well. I've been attempting a diet for so long but I think this is enough motivation, I aim to be at about the weight of 10st. Oh man, I have 6 months to lose 3st and tone up ;_; luckily being taller than most girls and 'gifted' in the breast department I can get away with being a little heavier.

Asides from my moaning about 'waaaahhh I'm fat' I was very happy walking away with and armfull of FMA merchendise. I've been waiting for the Brotherhood merch to come here for ever and I spent a long while thinking 'should I, shouldn't I' at one of the very nice playarts model of Ed. I've never been much of an Ed fan but it was very pretty and after deciding that my wallet could take it I gave in. Many laughs were had when I came out of my hotel bathroom and my friend had positioned it so he was riding his vibrator across the table.  I don't think I'm going to be able to look at it with a straight face again.

If I remember anything else noteworthy I'll add it later but for now I'm done, off to France till Sunday tommorrow so I'll be out of the 'internet loop' for a while.

Over and Out.
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Just got back from London Expo May 2010. I'll try to post more later, right now I'm off to bed for some mouch needed sleep.
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A little bit of art.

I haven't had much time to work on or post anything new so I'll just share a bit of art I did about 2 months ago. Work is getting better since my body clock is adjusting and now I'm not constantly trashed.

Anyway my old art:

On my devart:

Currently I'm working on one other picture, nothing amazing pretty simple. Hopefull I'll put WIPs up soon.
Also I have a new idea for another piece of FMA fanart.

Peace Out.
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Work work work

I haven't had much time to do anything in my own time lately. Work is good but it's making me oh so very tired. Whenever I'm out of work I'm trying to catch up on sleep.
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Well I'm here, on my first lunch break at Qimtek and so far all is well and good. I've still got a hell load to learn about the machine industry but it's coming along well.
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